Wheelock Audiolink AA-10 Paging Amplifier 10 Watts RMS + Inter-Tel GLX 612.1000 3 Line by 8 Station KSU




Wheelock Audiolink AA-10 Paging Amplifier 10 Watts RMS + Inter-Tel GLX 612.1000 3 Line by 8 Station KSU + 6 phones

GENERAL APPLICATION INFORMATION: Wheelock’s AudioLink Series Model AA-10 Paging Amplifier is output rated at 10 watts RMS. This amplifier affords a choice of three different inputs: one low impedance microphone input, one telephone paging input, and one high impedance auxiliary input. Three input channels allow these inputs to be used actively at one time: one microphone input, a telephone paging input, and one auxiliary input. Note that the auxiliary input (i.e., background music, tone generator, etc) will automatically be soft muted whenever a telephone page is generated or a microphone is used. After completion of the page, the music will rapidly return to its original level. A built-in limiter circuit compensates for the varying voice levels and paging styles of the people who have access to telephone paging or a microphone. The limiter maintains rated output without distortion. The amplifier features tamper-resistant individual input volume controls, as well as a master volume control, individual treble and bass controls, a low-cut horn protect switch, power on indicator, and a peak level indicator. The unit operates from 115 volts, 60Hz and has a power consumption of 35 watts. The unit has a thermal breaker in the power transformer as well as thermal cut-off and current limiting for overload protection on the output. The thermal breaker in the transformer is automatically resettable.

Inter-Tel GLX 612.1000 3 Line by 8 Station KSU
The Inter-Tel GLX System is a versatile, electronic key telephone system designed to meet the needs of small businesses. The system is easy to install and maintain, and it offers a variety of features usually found on more expensive systems. With flexible programming, you can customize system and keyset features to meet your needs.
The GLX System has two intercom channels that allow keyset users to place calls to one another. Intercom calls can be placed by dialing a two-digit intercom number (10-21), pressing a DSS/BLF key on an Executive Keyset, or dialing “0” to call the attendant.
Intercom calls ring in handsfree unless keyset option 2 is enabled or unless the call was placed as a private intercom call. If desired, a keyset user can camp on to a busy keyset and wait until the keyset is available.
The following intercom features are described in this section:
Ring Intercom First
Private Intercom Calls
Receiving and Placing Intercom Calls
DSS/BLF Key Skipping (Executive Keyset Only)
Brand: Inter-Tel
Type: Business Phone


Patch panel in pictures is not included. Cabling included only between phone station, amplifier, radio, power supplies. Everything is sold as one lot. This combination was fully working the day it was taken off the wall.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in