CASIO Desk-Top Printing Calculator DR-210TM


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CASIO Desk-Top Printing Calculator DR-210TM

This heavy-duty calculator is engineered for all your business needs. This calculator is capable of producing 4.4 lines per second, for even the fastest calculation entry. With a large, 12-digit display that is 33 percent larger than comparable models, and a printer than seamlessly switched between black and red, the DR-210TM, makes quick work of even the most demanding equations.
Easier To Use – Designed and Engineered for Performance
– Prints up to 4.4 lines per second
– Two color (black and red) printing
– Large 12-digit Digitron display
– Cost/Sell/Margin
– Tax Calculations
– Item Counter
– Grand Total
– AC adaptor
– Heavy-duty keys that do not fade or wear