Should we share our life with strangers?

Should we share our life with strangers?

In life we have no coincidences and every person that wanders in and out of your life even if he or she caused a lot of harm was there for a purpose. We have to know why it is an important issue to know how to take care of each person that we meet in life ignoring the fact that they might be part of your family, friends or just complete strangers. It is humanity that we take care of each other and the interests that we might be harboring as it helps us to develop compassion and empathy. A stranger can be defined as a person whom one does not know or not familiar with or one who is entirely unaccustomed to a feeling, experience or a situation.1

No matter where we find ourselves we normally share podiums with strangers  and when this happens then we tap into a world of unlimited possibilities that you never knew existed and wouldn’t have come across if one hadn’t been in intercourse with a stranger. The way one handles a stranger at the first time determines the kind of relationship that will exist between the two people. It is therefore prudent to know how to handle strangers to form a powerful foundation of things that are to come.

Every successful brand or name in the world today has reached that point because of engagement in sales and positive public relations. All products and services that are offered by any organization are supposed to be availed to the appropriate market in the most professional way what some people may call sales. At first to acquaint the prospective market with the product or service everybody is a stranger to you as a person and product. The best way that has been advocated by various marketers is to establish a personal relationship with strangers and sale to them whatever product or service in store. Therefore there isn’t any shortcut and one has to be in discourse with every prospective stranger that comes your way to realize sales for the product.

Even after the product is on the track and picking well there is need for new customers and even convincing those who use complimentary products or services to give whatever you are providing a try. In all aspects of advertising and sales there must be contact with a person who is not familiar with a particular product or service and life must be shared for the product or service to increase its market. While it is often easier to sale and shares our life and products with trusted friends or rather frequent customers, love is not a pre-requisite as the energy-sharing phenomenon can occur between absolute strangers.

In life we believe that there is a pine being and we are called to this world with a sole purpose of evangelizing others. It is not common to everyone that there is God but in one or two ways it is at times difficult to connect to some happenings like life and death making us have a believe that there must be a supreme being somewhere. Almost all the Holy books and scriptures we come across advocate for evangelism as that is what we are created for. For evangelism to be successful then we must create a personal relationship with creatures and for the strangers to relate well with us and whatever we are advocating for then our lives experiences need to be shared out. To convince them to join the other disciples that we might be purporting to them we are, the way our lives have changed need to be sacred out to complete strangers so that we win their souls.

Life will lack meaning if we don’t meet strangers and share our lives with them because we shall stand judgment as to the quality of life that we lived and not quantity. There will always be exceptions to every rule and every aspect of humankind because we are imperfect creatures living in an imperfect world, thus creating the perfection we call life2. Happiness in our lives has a direct relationship to our system of beliefs which is rooted on the choices that we make and the feelings we experience in every moment.