Article 1 home-release

Article 1 home-release

Our name is Kazune, and that Iam known as”Kazu”. My hometown is Yatsushiro. Yatsushiro will be the second largest area in Kumamoto. A type of lime, rush and banpeiyu, are popular inside. My loved ones reside in Yatsushiro, although I live alone in Kumamoto currently.

My parents are teachers. My dad works at music-school, and my mother teaches guitar in the home. Ihave two younger sisters. One can be a high school pupil. Her college is my school’s friend. Lately, though she can’t read audio notice, steel band membership was registered by her. The other is really a junior-high school student. She goes to golf team. I also provide grandma and grandpa. Their interest is golfing. They go to enjoy golf everyday.

Around the one-hand, my hobbies are playing with the piano, reading books, specifically manga, drawing on illustrations. And that I’ve left my membership now, but I’d belonged to ESS (English Speaking Community) until last March. In my passions, especially, I am not bad at music. I discovered automated body and really had been for nine decades to YAMAHA music-school. Therefore I could perform with the digital wood and violin. I prefer music quite definitely. I even have preferred drawing on drawings since my childhood. I would draw a great deal of illutrations at break time with one-of my buddies, after I was an elementaryschool student. And when I used to be a junior high college student and high school scholar, a few of my buddies and I generally canged our works each other.

Along with them, I present the best things. The best foods are candy, shrimp, crab and cod pasta. The best wedding ring is SMAP. People of SMAP have become humorous and their songs great. They relax me quite definitely. The best celebrity is Nakama. She is beautiful. Because I saw one-of movie dramas on TV, I have enjoyed her. I like manga greatly. I specially like ” ALCHEMIST ” today. The movement was public in not just Japan but also America or Italy. It’s common inside, too. So I’ve previously read the manga composed in Language. And lately, my personal favorite tv-program is “ainori”. I can’t miss viewing. I hate insects the most all around the planet. Crawl is specifically hated by me.

I have my aspiration that is future and my aim today. The former is currently getting work with organization which desires English, as well as the latter is currently learning abroad to Australia. Since I have was a top school pupil to study abroad longtime hasbeen my objective. Therefore I have to analyze English harder.

About my buddies. I’ve a friend that is best. She’s incredibly kind and fun. Whenever I’m in-trouble, I am helped by her. Therefore she and I could chat everything. Saga is lived in by her today. She reports to become a room school teacher. I also have a lot of good friends at my college. I prefer discussing using them. And that I enjoy my college life. Needless to say I love studying Language. Though I have todo several homeworks lately, I’m pleased to study at Britain, Kumamoto School and America office. And sometime I do want to become a good english-speaker.


Hello! I am Yukiko. I wish with you to buddy. Let’s speak about each other.

Hello! Our brand is London! I um.Well this is actually amp; the first-time I;ve even attempted blogging or stated. I want I could head to Japan.But Alternatively I&;m jammed in foolish America. , I&;n want to notice more about you, maintain posting! name is wish to know about you.Can I? I also want to know HOWTO enjoy keyboard. I really like Japanese people.I wish to include you. Could I?